Blender 2.80 in a Nutshell

If all the above material wasn't enough, I've created one more in a nutshell type of video, summarising the top 10 most important Blender shortcuts and features you have to know. Below the video, you'll also find all the Blender interface shortcuts covered in the earlier paragraph.


Blender 2.80 replaced many shortcuts you've been probably using. In order to save you time, below I'm listing some of which are frequently used in this course:

● Ctrl + Space → full-screen mode for the selected workspace
● Ctrl + Alt + Space → full screen "minimalistic" mode for the selected workspace
● A Key → Select everything
● AA Keys → Deselect everything (also Alt + A Key)
● Z Key → launches Pie Menu for choosing Shading Modes
● Z Key + Alt → enables the "X-ray" for some Shading Modes
● . Key → Launches pie Menu for choosing Pivot Points
● , Key → launches Pie Menu for choosing Transformation Orientation

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