How to use the Materials

In this part, I'll share more on the basics of using the Materials Library. As you already know, there are also some basic Lights included in this library - that's simply due to how some things work in Blender. At the end of this page, I'm also listing all of the shortcuts I was using in the videos.

As you already know, sometimes textures may not be displayed on the 3D models when you drag & drop the material on them. In this next video, I'll explain how you can fix that common problem.

Last but not least, I want you to see how you can adjust and get the most out of the lights included in our Materials Library.

Congratulations 🥳 You're now ready to move to the last part of this chapter and learn more about the 3D Scenes included in the Chocofur Pro 3D Models bundle.


In the 3D Viewport:

  • R - Rotate
  • S - Scale
  • G - Move
  • A - Select All
  • A + Alt - Deselect All
  • Tab - Edit Mode

In the Edit Mode:

  • 1 - Vertex Select Mode
  • 2 - Edge Select Mode
  • 3 - face Select Mode
  • U - UV Mapping Tool
  • L - Select Linked

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