How to use the Scenes

The Chocofur Pro 3D Models for Blender includes an amazing set of 15 Interior and 7 Studio setups that can be used for animation, product rendering, learning, or simply to play around with.

The way you use the scenes is straightforward - just open them in any Blender version older than 2.79 and have fun! The scenes were optimized for Blender 3.6 LTS. Some of the scenes, especially the Studio ones, may have animation included. We've used these scenes to create our product reels and showcases:

Blender 4.0 and AGX

The Blender 4.0 release has introduced a new Color Management look - AGX. All of the scenes however are prepared with the default Filmic look. The reason for that was simple - we wanted the scene files to be available in all pre-Blender 4.0 versions of the software. If we saved them in Blender 4.0, you could no longer open them in the older version of the software.

In some of the scenes, the AGX Color look doesn't change basically anything - in some, it may cause some highlight saturation issues. Feel free to experiment and have fun with it!

Finding Missing Files

It may happen that some elements of the scene are rendered in pink/purple color. That's an indication of a missing texture. To fix that, go to the File -> External Data -> Find Missing Files. Each scene zip file includes the "maps" folder with all textures used to create that scene. Point to that folder with the Find Missing Files tool in Blender and it will fix the issue.

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