How to use the Models

Welcome to the next chapter of this mini-course! In the next three videos, I'll share more about what's included in the Chocofur Pro 3D Models for Blender and explain the basic uses of the 3D Models Library. At the end of this page, I'm also listing all of the Blender shortcuts I was using.

The first video is a great introduction to Blender beginners on how to use the Blender Asset Browser. It will also introduce you to the amazing tags all our models and materials are using!

In the second video, I'll explain some quirks of placing the 3D models on the walls. Sometimes Blender likes to rotate them due to so-called "Face Normals", but let's not get into that today 😉. Let's learn how it affects our work and how we can find our way around it!

In the last video, I'll explain how to ungroup some of the models such as doors. These models are prepared in a bit different way, as they usually consist of two, or more, separate 3D geometry elements.

Congratulations 🥳 Let's now move and learn just a bit more about how to make the most of the Materials library! And below you can find all the Blender shortcuts I was using in the videos.


In the Asset Browser:

  • N - Asset Details Panel
  • T - Source List Panel

In the 3D Viewport:

  • Num 1 - Front View
  • Num 3 - Right View
  • Num 7 - Top View
  • Num 5 - Perspective / Orthographic Camera
  • Z - Viewport Render Options
  • R - Rotate
  • S - Scale
  • G - Move
  • Ctrl + A - Ungroup / Apply Transform
  • , - Change the Transformation Orientation

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