Why Chocofur Assets are the best choice?

High-quality 3D assets are the key to a successful 3D project. With enough time and perseverance, you can create all of them yourself. But if you want to run a successful 3D business and focus on the creative side of things, you need a smart way of getting things done. There's nothing more frustrating than spending time (and money!) on finding the perfect 3D asset, and downloading it, only to realize that it's broken, unoptimized, and crashing your 3D project scene.

Blender Assets created by professionals.

Chocofur Assets are created by 3D artists with over 10 years of professional experience, working for AAA companies and clients. We know the ins and we understand the outs of the 3D industry. When deadlines are tight, clients are panicking, and coffee is running out, we know what works and what doesn't. All of our Blender assets were field-tested throughout multiple agency projects and we're only sharing the 3D products we can proudly stand behind.  

Made exclusively for Blender.

Blender was our tool of choice since day one. In fact, the very first sets of Chocofur 3D models were our actual projects and assets created for the agency clients. Over time, we've decided to share our experiences and works with others - which pushed us to create a more organized 3D Models Library, as well as the Blender Addon that would further optimize the creative process. 

Inspired by the design trends.

We believe it's better to have a limited number of the highest-quality items, rather than an unlimited choice of everything. At Chocofur, we collaborate with professional interior designers to ensure our selection of 3D models is in line with the most recent trends.

We pay special attention to the details, using photo references to capture the look, proportions, and general aesthetic impression of each 3D model. Below you can see a direct comparison of the photo references and 3D renderings created by our team. You can also download the presented 3D assets just below the images. 

How are Chocofur Assets made?

We wanted all Chocofur assets to work seamlessly, regardless of the scale and type of the project you're making in Blender. That's why we've developed certain production standards, making sure all of the 3D models meet the standards listed below. 

3D geometry optimized for better details.

Chocofur 3D Models can be used for extreme close-up renderings, as well as for massively populated 3D scenes with multiple assets and details. The way we prepare the 3D geometry allows users to apply Subdivision Modifiers, without distorting the base shape of the 3D model.

Flexible materials and textures.

The ability to quickly adjust the model's materials is as important as the correct 3D geometry. Chocofur Assets come with pre-made Blender materials, UV maps, and seamless textures, allowing users to modify their look without almost any limitations. 

Ready to render in Cycles and Eevee.

Chocofur Assets are prepared to work in both Blender's native rendering systems. Whether you are a real-time Eevee passionate or hardcore Cycles rendering specialist, our assets will work for any user group!